Lynn Spiegel

Residential realtor working with Homebuyers and Sellers in the DMV

Lynn Spiegel

What I Do

  • I am a residential realtor working with Homebuyers and Sellers in the DMV.
  • I help clients navigate the complex process of buying or selling a home.
  • I provide personalized attention and guidance to meet each client's unique needs and goals.
  • I utilize my in-depth knowledge of the DMV area's real estate market to help my clients make informed decisions.
  • I offer expert negotiating skills to achieve the best possible outcome for my clients.
  • I use innovative marketing strategies to showcase homes for sale and attract potential buyers.
  • I am an expert at helping homebuyers find their homes, even in the most difficult of market conditions.
  • I provide support throughout the entire transaction process, from initial consultation to closing and beyond.
  • I maintain open communication with my clients to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience.

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Lynn Spiegel

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My Clients Say it Best!

Raj K

Raj K

I have known Lynn for years and she has been incredibly supportive, kind, helpful and patient when it came to my first home buying experience. She took the time to explain how the process worked and even worked while on vacation to make sure my offer was submitted by the seller's deadline and tailored it perfectly to ensure that it was the winning deal. Throughout the process she was extremely communicative and always available to answer my questions and did everything in her power to make the process as smooth as possible. I highly highly recommend working with Lynn and will definitely work with her in the future.

Steph L

Steph L

Lynn helped us land our dream home in a crazy market! Very professional. Super knowledgeable. And great to work with. Recommend without reservation. Thanks, Lynn!

Karen and Mark

Karen and Mark

“Working with Lynn Spiegel to purchase our home made an otherwise stressful process smooth and seamless. Lynn was patient and highly knowledgeable about Maryland real estate, and extremely flexible and accommodating in scheduling viewings. Lynn listened to our needs and wants and presented us with sound advice regarding communities and homes that would best meet our needs. Lynn helped us navigate complicated contracts, disclosures, and lender documents, all the while always having our best interests in mind. Lynn helped set realistic expectations and guided us every step of the way. Lynn was always professional and responded quickly whether by email, text, or phone. Lynn put no pressure on us during our search process, and was unfazed by several course-changes in what we were looking for that required us to “go back to the drawing board”. We highly, and without reservation, recommend working with Lynn to help purchase a home.”

What is the Process?

Every home purchase has a logical flow or process, whether it's your first home, an upgrade, or a downsizing.

Set a Budget

Your budget is a starting point; only you know what you are willing and capable of spending. Now, I can help you understand how changing mortgage rates might impact your budget and what you can afford. Still, you have to set a starting point.

Select an area or school zone

You may already have a neighborhood, area, or city in mind; that's great. If you are new to the area or looking for something new, I can help you here. Once you tell me what is important to you, what things are non-negotiable, and what things are nice-to-haves, I can help you narrow down specific areas to search. There are so many factors here, safety, quality of life, convenience, whether the area is "trending up" or "trending down", market factors, and the list goes on and on. Put your mind at ease - I know the DMV, what's hot and what's not. You'll always get my honest assessment of where you should look, given your wants and needs

Agree on your “must-haves”

Some factors are non-negotiable, and some are nice-to-haves. If it's just you looking, my job is easier. If there are two or more of you in this search, you have to agree. Otherwise, we're both spinning our wheels.

Here's Where I Really Come In...

Now it's time for me to go to work assisting you with your search, helping to separate the wheat from the chaff, and more or less acting as your "coach" throughout the next phase of the process.

Begin your search

Now that we have an area or several areas in mind - we can begin looking to see what is out there and available. You've probably already been searching on Zillowtm or theHomeBuyer Brokerage website. I can help - I have access to tools and resources available only to agents and realtors. I also have a network of agents, brokers, builders, remodelers, and others who know what's happening around the DMV - stuff that's not on Zillowtm.

Write an offer

This is where my expertise and, more importantly, my experience comes into play. Over my career, I've written literally hundreds of offers. An offer strategy depends on many factors, including your budget, the current market conditions, the neighborhood or area, the "mood" of the seller - and - the "mo" of the seller's agent.

Negotiate the contract

Like so many things in this process, negotiation is part art, part science, and 100% about knowledge and experience - and I have both.

Manage the contract to close process

Once you have a contract, the journey is nearing completion - but the last mile can be the most gut-wrenching. Once again, knowledge and experience are critical, and once again - I have both ;-).


That's it, you made it!

Let's Go To Work!

I'm here, ready to jump in and help you. I'll provide you with guidance throughout the entire process, putting my years of experience and knowledge of the DMV to work for you.

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